Hall of Fame

  Inductee Year Inducted Letter of Recommendation
Ken Ashby 2009
Dan Millet 2009
  Donna Smith 2009
Bill Faitt 2010
Mary Ann Miller 2010
  Joyce Stribling 2010
Les Ehrsam 2011
Mike Koskan 2011
John Ketchum 2012
Bob Wilmot 2012
Rio King 2013
  Sue Padden 2013
Cary Sherf 2013
James Gabhart 2014
Bill Johnson 2014
Mike Picard 2014
Debbie Tressa 2015
Mike Colvin 2015
Terry Ziegler 2015
Jerry Powell 2016
James Royal 2016
Marylyn Patrick 2017
Clyde and Kelly Shank 2017
Debbie Brewer 2018
Linda Kelly 2018
Charlie and Terry Gonzalez 2019
Bob Luchsinger 2019

The Hall of Fame Process document describes the process by which members are inducted into the Plano Pacers Hall of Fame. If you wish to recommend a worthy candidate for consideration, please fill out the Hall of Fame Letter Template and submit it to the Plano Pacers President .